Big changes, some updates…


So, as the title states…There are some changes going on here. I am excited to be updating my site! Please be patient while I update my portfolio, resume, and all things needed! As soon as the site is ready, there will be new posts also! Topic will range to all things graphic design related! I am thrilled to be doing this, and I hope you are too! The image in this post is just a sneak peak at what I have been up to! A book cover for a local author, John D. Whitacre.


I am back!!

After a “too long” break from blogging on my favorite things for design in this wonderful format, I am glad to say I AM BACK!!!!!!!!!

Thank you to all of you for being patient. I am now a graduate in my field. I am anxiously and eagerly looking for steady work. I am enjoying freelance opportunities. I feel like the world has opened up, and I am ready to explore and have some fun!

Meet Nancy

Hello! I am currently a student at Specs Howard School for Media Arts. I am a Graphic Design student. While graduation is only a few short months away, there is still so much to learn. Graphic Design is right up my alley, so to speak, as it is something where there are endless possibilities and unlimited learning. In this blog I am excited to explore one of my more favorite topics, color. Color is amazing. it affects people everyday in every way whether people are aware or not. It has the ability to draw a person in or repel a person. It can influence a persons decision to buy a product or put it down. Color has power that many people overlook.


Welcome to my blog! I am Nancy. I love graphic design and I will be posting here and there about one of topics of design that I find completely intriguing. Color. All aspects of color, from why we choose certain colors to how colors affect a persons’ mood and shopping.