Business Card design


I have long stated that I am entranced by typography and hand lettering. I could research and look at examples all day long. I have found a new infatuation. One that supports my love for typography. It is the business card.

Many of you may think, “A business card? As an infatuation?”. Yes. Yes it is. There is so much creativity out there. And a business card is a way to communicate your availability and specialty. It is a way to market. One of the oldest and most traditional ways. But the card in itself does NOT have to be traditional. And when you are a designer, your ability to stand out can be put in the spotlight. The design of your card can be the one thing that stands out against the masses in a company who has stacks of cards from other designers. Is it the texture, the color, the words, the graphics or something else that makes it stand out? Is it the shape, maybe? Who knows.

In this little understood world of business cards, where tradition rules, and rule breaking is usually either ignored or celebrated (depending on how great your originality is) are hidden gems and hidden talents that many people over look. Please, enjoy this link to the site: Business Card Design Inspiration at Cardnerd ( There are some truly amazing business card examples here. Some ideas may grab you and make you wish you had thought of it first (like the person who used a Google search bar on his card). Some will make you wonder if paying an extra huge fee for a special cut card is worth it. Others will amaze you with their use of white space or color. Any way you look at it, business cards do NOT have to be white with black imbossed writing in 8 point font. There is so much more out there.


2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market


Every year this reference book for Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s is released. It is a book full of information on how and where to submit work as a freelance artist, whether you work digitally, in paint, pencil, or ink. This book is in the 39th edition.

As described on Amazon:

Build a Successful Art Career!

2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration or graphic design. Thousands of successful artists have relied on us to help develop their careers and navigate the changing business landscape. The 2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market introduces a whole host of new features and guarantees the most up-to-date, individually verified market contacts possible.

This book is much more than just a book. It gives advice and guidance. It tells you (when available) who the person will be that you are contacting within a company. It gives you the address, and information on how to submit the work. It even tells you how many freelancers the company usually works with every year, so you have an idea of your chances; you can understand the amount of competition there is for each company. But! Don’t let those numbers discourage you from attempting to send in your work and land a paying gig!

Make sure to also check out and for more helpful resources. These are two great sites that give great advice and information for artist’s and graphic designer’s alike!

2014 Colors by Pantone


I touched on this briefly, not too long ago, referring you all back to a Pantone article announcing their new color recommendations for the year 2014. As I was researching new and exciting trends that will be occurring in the upcoming year, I came across this article: This article gives a great visual to the colors endorsed for the upcoming seasons… I wanted to touch base with you all, and share with you this resource…

Birth announcement!


I shared with you all not too long ago the layout for this design. All I was waiting for was little Cooper to make his big entrance into the world. And here he is!

As I may have mentioned before, the colors and “monsters” were taken from the baby shower theme. And, the nursery. Planning ahead, and being allowed to do so, was wonderful as little was needed to be done except for minor adjustments. Less than 24 hours later and we are ready for print!

Glassware for beer

snifter1 stout tulipBeer, especially in other countries then America, is treated as something special, each and every time someone orders. At times, the different companies will release a special glass along with the beer. This glass is used to enhance the experience a patron will have while enjoying the product. But, here in America, many people do not know this. This is, and can be a foreign concept. A wonderful company located nearby is taking this and preparing to educated those of us who did not know. I have had the wonderful privilege of helping them, by designing labels for different types of glassware used for beers, so that when they have classes or patrons, they can have conversations about the glassware, and the glasses are well labeled. Here I have shared my examples. More information about the types of glassware that goes with the different types of beers is available at

Just a sample!


Getting very excited!!! We will soon be able to help this amazing family announce the arrival of their wonderful, beautiful baby boy! I can’t wait! I have the privilege to design a personalized announcement, that pulls the colors of the nursery. Their theme isĀ  Peek-a-boo monsters. It is so adorable! All that is needed now is this little guy to make his entrance into the world, so that I can add his beautiful image and his details!!!!

This is just one small sample of what Exclusive Branding and Identity can do for you! We work with both the public in general and companies!!! Everything from personalized calendars and cards, to logos and branding briefs! Let us help you!