Only have a moment…

before and after2


I am so excited to share some of my latest work. I had the privilege to work with a small business in my area and create a full logo, a flyer and a business card for them! They have been a joy to work with.

One day, on my local news feed on Facebook, I saw this amazing photography by a local photographer. But her flyer was all in type. It did not showcase her amazing talents. So, I approached her. I let her know what I could do ,and that I would love to help her look as professional as the pictures she produced. From there, we collaborated on her logo and things just sped along.

What I created was a versatile logo, a flyer that shows professionalism and her work, and a wonderful business card. And there is a wonderful unity from one piece to the next, just adding to how professional her business looks now.

We collaborated well together. She really enjoys purples,  blues and greens. She originally requested that I keep the colors as natural as possible, leaning more towards blues and greens. When I gave her samples to look at, she surprised herself by being wowed by the purple sample, and that is what I continued with. She had made it very clear that she would prefer to stay away from black or white being used, so I pulled a neutral color from the background of one her favorite photographs she shared with me.

I think what we came up with is a stunning, polished look.


5 thoughts on “Only have a moment…

    1. Thank you for the kudos. Lol. I had such a good time with this client. If you feel differently in the future about sharing/offering what I do, just let me know. I love working with people, and bringing their vision to reality.

      1. I didn’t realize until after I replied to your comment…You are a designer also! I think you should offer your amazing talent to your friends. Never undersell yourself. You could do a general shout out on the service/designs you can provide, with friends tagged. Let them know what you can do. If they don’t bite, they can always get the word out there that you are available for work/designs. (Word of mouth advertising is free and fast!)

  1. Ha! I did just exactly that a few minutes ago. Probably the worst time of the day, no one was on. But I had to get it out there while I was brave enough! Maybe I’ll do it again in a couple of days at a better time.

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