Marketing can be HARD…


As the title states, marketing can be hard. A person can get lost in the maze of choices, trying to find which niche will work best for them. Facebook, blogging, twitter, placing ads, flyers, direct mail, community bulletin boards… Then as a person is thinking and trying all of these out (and more), they are also fine tuning their work, portfolio, and always putting their best foot forward.

Do *I* have the answer? No. No, I don’t. Marketing myself is hard, one of the hardest things I have personally done. So, here are some great articles to get us all on the right foot….


All of these articles have great points, and some repeat themselves (only because they are worth repeating!). The point is that we must all organize (eek, not my favorite to do, but LOVE when it is utilized), plan and follow through. Plan for the best and prepare for the worst, and always learn from mistakes…then move on!


2 thoughts on “Marketing can be HARD…

    1. Hey there! Thanks for writing such a great article that was more than worthy of sharing! Saying marketing is hard…is almost understating the issue. Lol. Always glad to share the wise words of others!

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