Choosing what field of design to go into…


This can be a difficult choice for many designers. I chose to go into Graphic Design because I love to create, and I love seeing peoples’ satisfied looks on their face when the mark is hit. When I am able to create a piece for a customer that brings their idea or thought out into the open for them to share with others, I feel an immense amount of pride and joy for them.  The killer is that I chose print design and logo/branding. Print can be a killer to get into. Web is where the money is at. If you know how to code, and can learn the tricks to manipulate and have some creativity a designer can really do great financially. I know how to code, but it’s not my cup of tea. It is not where I choose to focus my creativity at. And in doing so, I may have taken a more difficult road to travel. Everyone is into the web. Everyone seems to use it to advertise, to search, research, check into other people and business. The yellow pages are truly a touch away, and your fingers still do the walking. And print is now the “non-traditional” route for advertising.

I have questioned my desire, which is huge, to be in print, logo and branding. I know what the “norm” is. I have looked into my past and really thought about what it is that  draws me in this direction. It is the enjoyment I receive from pleasing people, and the enjoyment I receive from tactile reinforcement. I enjoy reading. A REAL book. I like to hold the book in my hands and feel the weight of the pages the author has written and poured their soul into. I don’t mind the “junk” mail I receive. I open, almost, all my mail, just to check it out, to feel it, read it…and oddly enough- smell it. There is nothing in the world like a freshly printed piece. Well, to me, there isn’t.

I suppose, what I am trying to convey here is that – you, as a designer, should really take a look at what is motivating your choices. Is it that you want to create beautiful sites for the masses to enjoy? Do you wish to make those frustrating website truly more functional? Do you smile every time you see a hidden message in a Logo? What is it that has inspired you to design, and in the way you design? Do you enjoy the feel of pages in your fingers? Or prefer the glow of a monitor?

I started questioning the road I took, because the job I am at is not focusing on my talents. I am frustrated. And I started questioning the road I have taken. But when I sat back and thought really hard, I realized that while it may take some time, I am on the right road. I am confident in what I do. I just crave to do a LOT more of it. So when you are questioning what you are doing, in general, or even just starting to wonder what type of design work you would like to focus on- sit back, relax, and think about the things that made you smile and start down the path of being a designer in the first place.


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