Wow…Loving Artists & Graphic Designers Market 2014….


Let’s touch base, for a moment. I FINALLY received my copy of Artists & Graphic Designers Market 2014 book. I love, love, love it! The ideas! The resources! The listings of companies and more that a person can submit to, to get their work shown! The freedom of freelancing at it’s best!

Personally, I have had ideas upon ideas flood my head, as I scan the listings of companies for different freelance opportunities. The possibilities are endless. Only a persons’ fear could hold them back if they have this book! Or their lack of organization!

Aaahhh…there it is…Organization. We need it as artists. It goes completely against our nature, yet it is the one thing that will help us propel forward. Take heed and proceed with caution. If you choose to purchase this book, or purchase a membership online, then take the time to read HOW to use the book/website to the best of it’s ability, or all that wonderful information can become overwhelming and lost in translation!

Now excuse me while I hunker down and use this reference to it’s highest capabilities!


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