2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market


Every year this reference book for Artist’s and Graphic Designer’s is released. It is a book full of information on how and where to submit work as a freelance artist, whether you work digitally, in paint, pencil, or ink. This book is in the 39th edition.

As described on Amazon:

Build a Successful Art Career!

2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market is the must-have reference guide for any artist who wants to establish or expand a career in fine art, illustration or graphic design. Thousands of successful artists have relied on us to help develop their careers and navigate the changing business landscape. The 2014 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market introduces a whole host of new features and guarantees the most up-to-date, individually verified market contacts possible.

This book is much more than just a book. It gives advice and guidance. It tells you (when available) who the person will be that you are contacting within a company. It gives you the address, and information on how to submit the work. It even tells you how many freelancers the company usually works with every year, so you have an idea of your chances; you can understand the amount of competition there is for each company. But! Don’t let those numbers discourage you from attempting to send in your work and land a paying gig!

Make sure to also check out ArtistsMarketOnline.com and ArtistsNetwork.com for more helpful resources. These are two great sites that give great advice and information for artist’s and graphic designer’s alike!


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