Type-Lock Trend 2013/2014


Type-Lock Trend. It’s a different kind of name to refer to a type of Typography that we have all become accustomed to looking at. It’s everywhere. It’s on posters, flyers, the web. Everywhere. It is difficult to pull off. There are all the different weights of the different fonts, the mixing of sans, and serif. The distribution of space evenly, while keeping rhythm and a flow. Knowing how to keep an eye from wandering, knowing how to keep an eye reading in the proper order. Being able to convey and show the words that have the most meaning in the piece. Tricky stuff, I tell you. Yet, everyday it is pulled off. But how many pull it off successfully? And have we saturated the market with it too much?


We see this trend used in so many ways, but one of the most popular is on the web at sites, such as Pinterest, in quote form. As a way to inspire, whether spiritually, or intellectually. Arrows, swirls, lines, script, print….It’s all there in each piece. Each time arranged slightly differently. What is it about this trend that we seem to find so interesting? Is it the movement that the piece causes the eye to make? Is it that it is just so pleasing? Is it the quotes, themselves, regardless of the design? (No, I doubt that one.)


I know that I just enjoy, personally, seeing how a designer has used the different fonts to compliment each other. I also enjoy the little touches of art, and the flow that the fonts bring. Out of the examples here that I have shared today, the middle quote in Type-Lock is my favorite in the over all appearance, while the first is my favorite for the use of color and the last one, well, I like the quote. Lol… I guess it’s safe to say, at least for me, that I enjoy this trend, but do hope it doesn’t become something that over-saturates the market. Please, enjoy this link: http://www.fontriver.com/blog/trends_in_typography_the_lockup_look/  , to read more on this trend and what others are saying.


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