A trend that will last for a long time….


During the tragic court case of Trevon Martin and the sad circumstances in Florida surrounding his passing… One of the witnesses was asked to read a sheet of paper. She looked down at it, and looked back at the attorney, and quietly said that she can not read cursive.

Let me repeat that: CAN NOT READ CURSIVE.

I talked about this once before, about script…and cursive..

Script is beautiful. It is tied into my favorite design area of Hand Lettering. It is very popular. Script refers to calligraphy, cursive and any writing that has the letters connecting. It is beautiful, when done right (and sometimes even when done wrong). In the art of Hand Lettering, sometimes a combination of print and script are used together.

I found it sad that this is becoming the norm. It is becoming the “norm” to type and print. Cursive and script are on the way out. Oh, maybe not as soon as some of us fear, but it is going to disappear from the everyday.

Where does that leave us, as designers??? Well, I should say…Where does that leave us designers that like to use script and cursive in our designs? If more than half of the younger population can not read what is being put out in the world what is the use of using that medium? We would be alienating ourselves, limiting ourselves and our consumer base by using this type of type.

We need to make a conscious choice of what we are going to do. Do we push for this to continue to be something that people should learn? Do we accept things for what they are becoming and adjust? Do we, one day, sit with our grandchildren and teach them the “old” ways in hopes that they will also see the beauty in the looping letters?

This is something we all should be thinking about, because it can and will be affecting us all.


My children have all been taught to write and read cursive. I have an autistic (high functioning) who can not grasp it, and will panic when asked for his signature. I have a 12 year old boy who switches back and forth and sometime says he would rather print. I also have a 12 year old daughter who’s cursive is gorgeous. Amazing. I have very nice cursive, but it is a hybrid of both print and cursive. My husband HATES how he writes in cursive, and not unlike my oldest child who cringes when asked to sign things, my husband always remarks how he hates his signature (he is left handed, too, if that matters)…So, yes, this even affects my own house hold…


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