Paper cuts..trend 2013?


Paper cuts or paper cutting, as a trend for graphic design? Maybe. What a neat way to combine an art with, well…another art! Paper cut is when images or words or the combination is used to make a scene. The above image was a bit breath taking to me, so I was happy to use it as an example. But there is an art to paper cutting. And have any of us seen it in graphic design? That is a good question.

I personally have NOT seen it in any graphic design in the commercial public, personally, that I can remember. If you look at the different examples out and about in the world of this art form as I have been doing, I am wondering why it isn’t being utilized more? It’s creative, beautiful, unique. Images have a REAL 3-D look to them, not a computer generated 3-D look. If you have a chance, find or search for paper cut fish. They leap off the page. Or look at paper cut and silhouettes. There is a movement to these scenes that are created that can not be captured in another medium.

I am personally surprised that we, as in us graphic designers and artists, aren’t exploring this medium more, and bringing it to the mainstream. Please, don’t tell me man hours. Because while some of these art pieces definitely take time (well, they all take time, just some more than others) there is a real opportunity being overlooked here.

White paper is used to give things a clean, pure look. The cuts from the scissors and utility knives give motion to these pieces. While using color paper brings and energy and vibe to the artwork that is unlike any other medium. The trick would be to make sure the pieces don’t look like they need to be in the scrapbooking area, nor like paper doll cut outs.

The person or designer that is lucky enough to think outside of the box and bring these to the mainstream will have a hit. Guaranteed.


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