Hand lettering..as a trend??? 2013


Gorgeous!!! I love hand lettering and am excited to be discussing this one today! It is a true art form, if I do say so myself…But is it a trend? Is it truly a lost art? What is it about hand lettering that appeals to the masses?

Hand lettering is truly an art form. It shouldn’t even be questioned. It is in the basis of this art form that we are able to have original fonts for the computers. But, hand lettering is so much more than that. It is and has been considered “lost” as it is something that goes hand in hand with the thought of vintage or antique. It’s been around FOREVER. It was the original way to advertise a business. Original signage and lettering on windows…this was all done by artists who had the ability to paint letters.

Hand lettering is and can be broken down into different categories, such as calligraphy, creative, and script. But the core of it means BY HAND. Hence, not done originally by computer. It is a process in which an artist draws and sketches his/her work until he or she finds the desired look they are going for. If it is to become digital that is all well and fine, but TRUE hand lettering is art first, found in a sketch book somewhere.

It seems like it would be harder, these days, to be able to come up with anything original, yet people do it all the time. Becoming a hand lettering artist who can sustain themselves purely on their artwork though looks to be very difficult. Alan Ariail is such an artist. He has had his lettering appear in commercials and even on a Cheerio box for a new product. Even he mentions that you know you’ve made it when you see your work on nationally recognized products.  You can see his blog here: http://custom-lettering.blogspot.com/

http://dribbble.com/justlucky is Drew Melton’s showcase place, so to speak. He does amazing work. I follow him on Facebook and am privileged enough to see his work in progress…

Back to the topic at hand…Is this really a trend for 2013? Yes, I believe so because as the desire for antique and vintage style work becomes more popular the need and desire for original hand lettering follows in suit.


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