2013 trend? Who really says????


Now, we should explore different “trends”…. Really – what are trends, and who makes them anyways? The higher ups? The bored blogger (wink, wink- not me…)? Who?

The reality is… any one can say something is a trend.. but only a select few actually know what the REAL trends are…and those are usually the designers that work for larger companies, or for firms. All those trends we all just went over and shared? That was just from one other person/group. It was based on what they have been working with and what they feel and/or see will be popular for them.. But that doesn’t mean those trends will be popular for you, your clientele, or your geographical location. What works for the larger companies isn’t going to work for the smaller companies.

And then we have to contend with the question what kind of graphic design trend is it..Well? Is it a trend for print? A trend for web? A color trend? An informational trend, like info-graphics?

What is amazing is that I will post here all these wonderful, different trends and some will stay, some will disappear…but they all take turns and come around again. It would take something extra special to break from the mold and cause an overwhelming trend for the year that could sustain itself for long….

Soon to follow? More wonderful trends, but I suppose it’s really up to all of us to decide what will really catch on and catch fire, so to speak…

But we shall also take time to  explore what it is about these trends that makes them work, not just definitions and examples of what they are….


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