Graphic Design Trends…Last one, for now..part 15


Dogs and circles… Lol. Interesting isn’t it? It’s a very basic idea/trend. And basically it’s all about appealing to that younger audience that has so,so much influence over the parents, and our clients/consumers…Obviously it isn’t JUST about dogs and circles, but we all understand what it amounts to. Cute. Any thing that is cute, goes. Period. From dogs and circles, as my example shows, to cute baby animals of all sorts…Maybe a giraffe driving the safest car, or… OH! I know…the Charmin Bears from the toilet paper commercials, because we don’t want raw tushes. Lol. Cute marketing. It appeals to both children and adults. It lures us into believing that the product is safe, or fun, or comfortable. It is one of the greatest lures of all…

Basically, this one is just pure …well, we should all just know this one. Not one of us has ever passed by all the adorable packaging for different markets. Cute is everywhere. I hesitate to share this, but I will…I was at a meeting just yesterday for a great up and coming company. They are a start up. While I didn’t fit their need, nor did they fully fit mine, my artistic abilities may be called upon…for a mascot. Their idea? A monkey… Cute, right? It will make the site fun, charming, and lure us all in… Please check them out at and They are a wonderful company with a wealth of information and products to help you succeed with your money!


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