Graphic Design Trends part 13



Science Fiction. Hobbits. Robots. Unicorns. Ogres. Knights, elves, princesses, aliens… You name it, it will, can, and has made it into mainstream consumer products. The image above is from Kia’s superbowl ad, featuring their robot woman.

Sci-fi is interesting. It allows us to bring in a totally unpredictable and unique aspect to companies that are looking to expand their consumer bases. Comicon and other sci-fi conventions have become increasingly popular as the consumers of the day are looking for any outlet from the reality of life. We are all looking for an escape from the here and now, and sci-fi allows that escape, and takes our imagination with it. What better way for companies to grab new consumers and clients by including their product in the imagined future?

Sci-fi is sexy. It allows us to push boundaries that are there, but in a way that make the boundary lines flexible. And let’s all be REAL for a minute. Sex sells. A lot. If there is a way to make something look sexy by bringing in a princess or robotic woman, then it is a win-win for client and company.

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