Graphic Design Trends part 10

castle_1000Big and bold…


Let’s be real everyone. There’s been a lot of doom and gloom out in the world. One of the new trends for this year, hopefully, would be big and bold. The brighter, more eye catching, the better.

As stated, rather than this being a trend, this is a hopeful trend. One that hasn’t occurred yet, but that may just slip in.

What better way to lift people spirits than to bring color and brightness in? As stated before in many ways, Graphic Design is a way to bring a message across subliminally. When we are hired to work, we should always listen to the clients, but if there is way to keep the message upbeat, bright, and fun… Well, then maybe, just maybe, we can have a positive impact on the consumers. Quietly bringing a smile to their lips. And isn’t a smile a great way to start bringing cheer and good feelings to the forefront? Big and bold. Bright! Try it.


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