Graphic Design Trends part 9

unusual_cards_1Multidisciplinary work.

Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?

In the original article,, the author refers to how many, many people are wanting to be illustrators, thus this is forcing people to work outside of their comfort zones, and try new mediums. From trying animation, to putting their work onto different mediums, like wood, or even developing apps.

Becoming versatile. I have seen many examples of this, just by looking at examples of business cards.

This also brought to mind, how when I was in class, and we were in our portfolio class. My classmate next to me, who we had a friendly competition during the school year, came up with an amazing portfolio. Her portfolio exemplified her range of talents in an interesting way. Her portfolio was soft material, that she starched. She then took her artwork and printed them onto iron on pieces that she ironed into the portfolio.  It showed her imagination, her sewing skills, her color applications, troubleshooting process. It was an amazing portfolio. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a link to it online, that I am aware of.

Basically, what is being said here, is don’t be afraid to explore and challenge yourself. Use different materials. Don’t just stick to the “known”. Think outside of the box. Explore different materials for print. Take your favorite character that you play with, that you created, and place him in a small animation. Play with your work.


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