Graphic Design Trends part 7

Kimberlin coffeeHand drawn illustration. My favorite. I am, by no means, the BEST artist in the world, but I love to draw. I love to get into the ‘zone’, and loose myself in whatever image has come to me. The above picture/illustration is my take on spilled milk- with a coffee twist, as I am a coffee addict. And while I wouldn’t bat a lash at spilled milk, spilled coffee would give me pause. Lol.

Hand drawn illustration is seen as a trend for this year. Both hand drawn work and vector based work are popular, but they usually swing back and forth on the “popularity” measure, taking turns on which ever looks to be the trendsetter of the moment. This year, however, they are both popular, so much so that, unlike in the past, they are both popular at the same time. Illustrations are on the upswing, while vector based work is at a slow movement- but was already on the upswing, hence making both almost equal in popularity.

Aaron Jay is an artist with a whimsical (with a darker twist) drawing style that is sure to make people of all ages take pause. Enjoy his work here:

Now, remember, one of the parts of this “swing” in popularity is also the combination of the hand drawn style in vector form, obviously, so that the art work is usable in all medias. The more free, original, hand drawn look the vector piece has, the higher probability there is that the piece will gain in popularity. It brings back a feeling of nostalgia; a vintage feel. Which, is popular in it’s own right.


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