Graphic design trends part 6

Acid Visuals.

I had to actually do some pretty hefty research on this one. In the original article (  acid visuals is demonstrated through posters and video. It is referred to as an 80’s and 90’s “trick” that is coming back. And “vintage” is also mentioned in this little blurb.

Honestly, I am a child from the 80’s and 90’s. This one gave me reason to pause. First off, because I had never given thought to the “look” from those years. Not much beyond the yearbook look, at least. I clicked on the video and I looked at the posters by the artist that was mentioned.

I typed “acid visuals” into my Google search engine. I started to crack up as I realized I am and was completely out of touch with this “trend”. It refers to how images look when a person is “tripping”. I guess I am to straight and narrow for that.

So, on to what acid visuals really refers to. Acid visual is a technique used to give an image, whether in print or motion, a feeling of being “high”, “tripping”. Kaleidoscope is what came to my mind. It is when the image, if drawn out, is out of touch with normal reality, and pulls on something that can be described as deeply subconscious. In the poster that is used in the example for the original piece ( it’s more about something that is sci-fi.

In the video fro the original post… Well, the video is pretty cool to say the least. All the flashing imagery. The bright colors, the tie die backgrounds, the flowing colors that whip around as fast as the images on the screen move… It really did catch something from the 80’s and 90’s, of that we can all be certain.

I had fun researching this trend that is making a comeback. It really brought back some fun imagery to my mind, from the music video’s we watched to the posters and print ads we saw as children.


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