Graphic Design Trends part 5

Luxury printing.

Two posts back we talked about how we need to make sure that whatever designs we make are digital ready. That they are ready to be put on display no matter the technological means used.

Today, the topic for the trend goes against that whole post. See, while we should, collectively as designers, be designing in a way that is easily translatable to any form, luxury print IS a trend. This is a special trend, in my eyes. It means that while many businesses and clients want work that is for technology, there is work out there that is more freeing to us, to allow us to use our creativity. That work is luxury work. Work that is not considered to be a need, as much as it is to please people like me, who like tangible artwork and books to touch and feel. These are pieces that we may be asked to create that appeal to the masses purely on a tactile sense.

These luxury pieces could be anything from coffee table books that highlight people’s artwork or photography, to magazines that are geared to avant garde fashion, or forward thinking pieces that while they would translate to digital alright, they really are meant to be felt and touched while being admired.

This can also relate to something as simple as a business card that is designed to be engraved on special, upgraded material that is not usually seen for a business card. This can be special selling point to a client, as a way to remind them that the cost of standing out against the norm may be high, but the return will be worth it…

Luxury makes us all think about things that are different from each other. Some of us will think fashion, shoes, paper, animal print, softness. Luxury means something different to us all. But never allow a client to think that luxury is out of their reach.


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