Graphic Design trends part 4…

Logo-RedesignsStripping it down. An interesting sentence on it’s own. What does this one sentence mean for us, as designers?

Minimalistic. Going down to the bare bones of the design. We build things up, add to them, in hopes of drawing a person’s eye into the main focal point, that sometimes we forget that simplicity is the key. Simplicity is timeless.

When we look at design as a whole (interior, fashion, ect.) simplicity is the key. When we look at logos in the past we see that all the major corporations have gone through numerous redesigns with their logos, trying to keep up with the times, to continue to grab their consumers interest. Logos have been built up, torn down, stripped and added to again, over and over. Once in a blue moon, a truly inspirational, simple logo will and can withstand time. But most will not. And that, of course, is good business for us. This is not done on purpose by us as designers. We follow our customers wants and needs, their directions. And many do not realize that simplicity can grant them the timeless design that can withstand the movement of trends. We get caught up in our customers wants, needs, and demands, that we forget to pull back, hold back. We add swirls, and shadows, and colors that, at times, can be more overwhelming then helpful to the overall design.

This year, as corporations, big and small, look at their marketing plans and trends they are following themselves, they are going to see, that “stripping it down” is bigger than they realized. We are stripping our lives down daily, as consumers. The recession has seen to this, as we are all reevaluating what is really important to us, and we are taking longer to make choices, and taking the “unnecessary” out of our daily lives. Corporations are seeing this and are doing the same, not just with what is going on inside companies. They are going to be doing the same with their images. It is a way to connect with the masses, to show that they understand, and that they can still appeal to us with less.

Please, enjoy these links to sample some logo redesigns that have stripped down lately, in the past few years.

Also enjoy to read an interesting article about “stripping” down logos and how to achieve a more bare logo for companies while still listening to their needs.


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