Graphic Trends 2013 part 3

Going from Print to Digital is next on the list of wonderful trends for this year. What does this mean exactly? This means that as Graphic Designers, we need to step up our level of work and make sure that what we do is translatable from print into the age of technology. Print is still popular, but not what it once was. Technology is the king now. From the newspapers to our favorite magazines, everything is online. And not just online. These pieces need to be accessible from ipads and iphones, and other touch devices.That means that when we design our beautiful work needs to be able to adjust accordingly to all these different mediums, with minimal need for adjustment, if any at all.

I personally am all about print. Designing for print. I grew up an avid reader. I love the smell and touch of a traditional book in my hands. I love original illustrations, done in pencil, ink, and markers and more! Digital is not my favorite. I am quite capable, just not my favorite. I know I am breaking a rule, just by stating this fact out loud. Just because I say digital isn’t my favorite doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate it, though. I love digital as well. But I love, really love designing something that is tangible, that people can hold, not just look at.


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