An original design…

I am taking a leap of faith, and have answered an ad for a job, that pits designer against designer, in hopes that if I am picked I may end up with a job, that allows me to work from home with minimal need to go to the “office”.

A some what local business that specializes in apples and farming, put up an ad as they are getting ready to expand their business to Hard Cider. Yep. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? In their ad they did a call out to all artists to submit what they think would be a good design, and then the family (because of course this is a family run business) will choose which one they like the best, and offer up a prize of money and an offer of a job to continue doing work for their business.

This idea has me torn. I am all for competitions. I feel so wonderful when I win. If I win. It’s always good practice, to be a good loser, and to explore yourself also. On the flip side, I do not believe in doing my work for free in hopes of something more, although I do understand that this is something that happens often in this business.

This is the idea I cam up with, with the bit of guidance that the business gave, which wasn’t much, but was just enough to keep me thinking and working… They enjoy an older, antique inspired look. I can only hope that this is something that they will choose.


Feel free to add criticisms.  Or to make any comments at all.


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