Off topic from trends 2013..But on color!

I started this blog with my love of color, and color psychology and the role it plays in design. I know I am supposed to be writing about the third trend out of ten, on a list, but I saw this article on color and how color affects a shoppers mood. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to guide you all to one of my passions: color.

To refresh everyone’s memory, color affects us in ways that only our sub-conscience can determine. We are not usually aware of HOW it affects us. Colors can change a mood, cause a mood, influence how much we eat, or, as the following article reminds us, affects what we spend. From how the packages are colored, to the signs of the shops that we frequent color is used to influence us and move us, whether it’s in a direction we want to go in or not. Enjoy the following link, and please share if you find any other similar information!


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