Graphic Trends 2013 part 2

From print to digital. That is the second graphic design trend listed at It gives a small description of what this means, but I found myself scratching my head trying to FULLY understand this one. It was like there was a disconnect from what was written in the description and what the words “From print to digital” meant. This is what was typed below the title:

Luke O’Neill, launch art editor of Computer Arts Collection magazine, is an experienced designer, who acknowledges the traditional editorial designer’s role has changed significantly in the last year, with print revenue declines and digital magazines becoming the norm.

“I think as both designers and consumers become more and more familiarised with the screen format, we’ll (hopefully) start to see more interesting design solutions and content delivery systems,” he says. “These will be created exclusively with the screen format in mind, rather than simply porting over the print magazine to a screen format, which unfortunately is often the case.

“From an aesthetic point of view I foresee design for iPad and screen formats getting back to basics and the fundamentals of graphic design, the relationship between text and image. Navigation and actual content will take prominence over whizz-bang effects that ultimately do little to enhance the experience and simply bloat the app.”

For me, the words “from print to digital” on their own meant to design in a more digital way consistently. Honestly, it didn’t even occur to me that it referred to the trend of digital. How magazines, art, blogs…everything is digital. Even our newspapers. We, as designers, need to be prepared to design in ways digitally that may challenge some and other may embrace fully. In a whole. Paper printing and design is still needed but the demand for it is totally different than the need for digital design.



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