Time to explore…Graphic trends 2013, in depth…

It is time for us to explore more deeply the different trends that are up and coming for this year. It is hard to believe were are almost one quarter fully through the year.

To begin, I thought we would all tackle each item on the lists one at a time. We shall start with the list from Creative Bloq(http://www.creativebloq.com/design/trend-predictions-2013-11121414). First on their list was geometric design.

What is geometric design? It is really self explanatory. It is the use of geometrical shapes in a design.

The reason this is something that is up and coming in this years trend is that geometric design promotes simplicity. The intricate patterns that one can see when looking at designs made geometrically is usually brought not just by the boldness of the geometric patterns, but by the color used. This is also thought to become a trend because of the rise in interest in infographics. (For some wonderful examples of infographics, please enjoy this link: http://www.example-infographics.com/) Infographics can be as simple or complex as a designer would like. They engage a reader to partcipate by encouraging them to move their eyes around the WHOLE piece, not just read down a page, and the majority of infographics is definitely enhanced with geometric shapes.

Please enjoy this link, http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/35-great-geometry-based-graphic-design-illustrations/, and enjoy some wonderful pieces that depict this idea in a beautiful way.


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