It’s Friday again…

It’s Friday again, and on my journey here, I said I would try to post to Illustration Friday every week. This weeks topic is “eyeglasses”. Aahh… so many things can be done with that one word. What popped into your mind? I see a few different options and I am looking forward to exploring this topic and take true time to enjoy what design I come up with.

I am slightly stalled in designing my own business cards. I didn’t realize how picky of a customer I could be for myself. Lol.

I have noticed that the majority of you, my dear readers, come here to read about Graphic trends for 2013. I would like to say here and now, that WE are the trend for 2013. Us. The designers themselves. WE make the trends. All the lists in the world are just that, lists. Unless or until we think outside of the box, the list will be just a list. Designers can look around for trends, but it takes those special few of us to grab the original and unique and bring them to the forefront.

Have a wonderful and happy day.


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