Inspiration…and refreshing

We all make mistakes. Bumbling small, insignificant mistakes, and also large, immense, intense mistakes.

I was looking through a website called, and joining, when I came across hand lettering. I am a sucker for hand lettering. It is beautiful, with all the swirls and curls, the flow…To me it is mesmerizing. I came across a Native Michigander named Drew Melton- who has since moved to CA…but we won’t hold that against him…(I am referencing an article called 45 designers and Illustrators you should follow,, he is referenced towards the bottom of the article). His lettering, to me, was/is amazing, inspiring. It intrigued me, and made me want to just read and stare all day at his work. I found myself clicking away at all his tabs, looking through all his work and sites. And I clicked on his link to his blog at I scrolled down, down, down. Just amazed at his work. And I came across something so honest, so humble, so heartfelt…I felt I should share it. See, just like everyone in the world, Drew had to begin somewhere. And he began, humbly on his own with little to no guidance, and the internet at his fingertips.

Let’s be honest here, we all know how easy and tempting it is to look through the internet for “inspiration”. There seems to be no other way anymore, at times. And there certainly isn’t a quicker, more easily accessible way to look around and see what other people are doing. To find that “inspiration”. To look around at other peoples work, and at times feel inspired and even intimidated by those who are truly gifted and have been at their craft for years. And to mimic the art that you feel moves you. And that is what Drew did. He mimicked the artists that he came to admire. So much so, that when his work picked up in popularity, that he was releasing work that was, uhm… to say the least, not fully original.

But this is where humble, honest and heartfelt came into play for Drew. And he did it publicly, in a way that most, the majority of people would NEVER do. He owned his mistake and wrote a public apology to the artists that he admires, that have realized Drew’s…admiration surpassed the norm.

Anyone who truly knows me, knows my “tagline”. Live your life, Own your actions, Love yourself. (LOL). To me this is self-explanatory.  In fact, in my home with my children, we have it shortened to “Own it, Live with it, and Love it”. For those who may not fully grasp this concept, the “tagline” basically refers to a person living to the best of their character, own their actions (whether good or bad) and love yourself while learning from mistakes. In other words, no one’s perfect, and as long as a person is trying their best and owns their mistakes in an honest, caring way, then they will be fine. And they should always be given more chances.

I won’t spoil the apology. But I do encourage you, all of you, to take a look at Drew’s all ORIGINAL work that he is displaying, and read his heartfelt, brave apology yourselves. This is true inspiration.


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