Moving on…A way to stay fresh with ideas…

Well, the series on horoscopes and colors was interesting. But it was off track for me. To bring things back down to a different level, I am revisiting an old friend, so to speak. I have enjoyed, for many years, a site called Illustration Friday ( ). Illustration Friday is a wonderful website that, every week, challenges artists to be creative. It gives a word, just one word, for you- the illustrator- to work with. How you interpret it, how you display your art and design… Well, that’s all to you. The word every week is meant to challenge you. Every Friday a new word is submitted for you to work with. What better way for an artist, any artist, to keep up on their skills? I ask you all now, to join me in joining this artist guild and seeing what magnificent art we are all capable of? You never know. Your next great idea may just come from trying these exercises. This is a wonderful way to practice all things design, from letter play, negative and positive space, to color theory, and hierarchy.


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This list is just a SMALL example of the word that is used every week to challenge you. Please join me, as I embark on this journey.


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