Top ten lists… Here’s another!!

I was pleased to check into my Facebook account today to find that one of my friends had re-posted this from another blog. It is a list of top ten skills all Graphic Designers should have to be successful. And once again, this author hits on every skill and nails it. Each of the items on the list is a hit. It is a need that any good Graphic Designer should have within themselves to be successful.

Imagination, ability to sketch, aesthetic, techie, knowledge, hard work, originality, humble, positive attitude, and being able to take “a chill pill”.

This author has made great points.

Imagination: the ability to think originally and freely.

The ability to sketch: to be able to get the idea from your head onto paper in some form before going all in with a design.

Aesthetic: to be able to see the beauty in things and make them appealing to consumers.

Techie: to be able to use the required technology in Graphic Design and continue to learn more.

Knowledge: the ability to use the graphic concepts taught.

Hard work: the knowledge to know that every job that is presented will require hard work, and the ability to put that effort in.

Originality: Knowing that being a copycat is cheap (and can be illegal, not to mention poor character), and that originality a huge key to success.

Humble: to never stop learning and believing you are the best. Once you stop being humble and stop learning you have fallen into a trap leading you down a path where your creativity is sapped.

Positive attitude: taking on projects that are challenging with confidence, and the ability to handle and accept criticism.

“Chill Pill”: The ability to handle stress, and be able to keep your creative juices flowing.

Not one of these skills are disagreeable, and this is a great “beginners” list. Can you think of anything you would want to add to this list to make yourself a good designer?


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