Graphic Design Trends for 2013

I was wandering around the internet and found myself thinking: What are the new trends that Graphic Designers are going to be seeing and trying to implement into their work this year? Is script going to be as popular as I think? What colors will Graphic Designers use to keep a companies look fresh and updated, even while using the colors of that company? What trends are out there this year?

I found two different and great articles that not only gave me “Top 10” lists, the lists were completely different. The trends that both of these articles brought to the forefront were intriguing and, not one of the trends seemed off. In other words, it seems as though we, as Graphic Designers, still have the wide open world behind us to allow us to use our creativity to it’s fullest.

At Creative Bloq  ( they listed the top 10 trends as: geometrical design, going from print to digital, slimming down logos, luxury prints, acid visuals, hand drawn illustrations, the return of the animated GIF, multidisciplinary design, big and bold color palettes, and social advertising.

These top trends got me, personally, excited! Bold bright colors? Geometrical designs? Hand drawn illustrations? My heart was set aflutter!!! Oh my! Let the creative juices flow.

But I also had a second sight catch my eye, and out of curiosity I just had to click on it and see! Where the trends on the second sight the same? Nope. Not in the least. Yet, it was just as exciting!

At Agency Confidential (, their list of predictions were just as inspirational; just as intriguing. They listed their top 10 trends for this year as: hand lettering, paper cutouts, play with light and shadow, simple limited color palettes, watercolor/ink fluid illustrations and fluid vector, quality paper and printing, innovative packaging design, collaborations, stripes and chevrons, geography/astronomy inspiration.    

Between these two “Top 10” lists, I am sure it is plain to see. Our creativity, as designers, is still at a place in the world where new, fresh, bright, original ideas are still welcome. There are still no set rules. Just lists. Lists that can do nothing but continue to give us all new fresh places to dig our ideas from.

Trends do not have to be scary things that send designers into the corners of their office. Trends should never make a great designer feel more limited. If anything, they show that while the world is moving forward, there are no set rules still. That the customer’s wants and needs will always take precedence. Trends should never been seen as rules, but as guidance. A place or way to snag fresh ideas and help everyone stay current and interesting. With twists.


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