Script…and it’s influence in typography…

I was reading an article today ( about how cursive is being  “written” out of the school curriculum. Our government has rewritten the needs of what is important in regards to the basics taught in school, and cursive is one of the fallen. It will no longer be a requirement for students to learn in the future.

This got me thinking. Script is VERY popular. In the world of design. If our students aren’t taught how to read and write the flowing letters, then the increase use of script in design work will slowly also decline. This made me sad. I LOVE typography, especially had designed script and letters.

I would love to see cursive handwriting continue in schools. I understand that learning how to type and moving into the digital age is so important, but not at the cost of loosing a tie to our past. Our children who are not taught cursive will not be able to read and enjoy historical documents, like The Declaration of Independence. They will not be able to doodle their names in a flowing text as they day dream of their future.

What do you all think?


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