Love color, but need help?

Everywhere in the design world, color is one of the top make or break pieces of a successful design. Not all designers are great at colors and the different combinations, or even any use of color at all. Not to worry! If you are a great designer of layouts, but color throws you off there are different programs out there that can help any designer pull a color theme together. From the kruler site (at to a color generator tool ( at there are a ton of tools to help!

At Kruler, you can play with colors on your own, or even upload a picture that has inspired you and use that picture to put  a color scheme together! I have really enjoyed this site. It is a program through adobe. The color generator, that I provided a link to, isn’t quite as detailed, but it also fun and it meets the purpose. There are even programs available to interior designers that graphic designers can take advantage of, such as, which allows a person to play with paint colors before purchasing them.

No designer or layman should have issues with colors and picking good choices with these kinds of tools available…


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