Branding and colors

Have you ever taken a moment in the grocery store and just stood and looked down the coffee and juice aisle? Then stopped by the baking isle and done the same? There is a theme in each one of these aisles, separate from the other isles. Each aisle seems to have a theme, in the colors. In the rice aisle, you might notice that the main color of the items are orange, with only a few brands daring to step away from the “norm”.

It takes the average consumer 5 seconds to locate and select a given object. Color is the first barrier in those seconds. Shape and loyalty are also taken taken into consideration in those 5 seconds. It is amazing how, in such a short amount of time, the brain has the ability to make quick choices that you, as a human and consumer do not even realize you making…

At, this theory is discussed and talked about. Also, at there is some deeper information. This is a company that is dedicated to brand loyalty. They realize how important color is…


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