Color Schemes…and combinations

Color is so important and many times, it is overlooked. The way a designer brings color together in their projects can literally make or break the deals. Just as much, if not more so, than typography and a well thought out design.

There are many things to take into consideration when a designer is picking colors for their projects. And although the customer and boss are #1 for input, a smart designer will play with the colors that these people ask him or her to use. Which color should be predominate? Which color will work better as an accent? Is the design to be classy? Or is the design more relaxed? Color plays into each and every one of those questions.

Another important question to take into consideration is: Are the color predictions of the year, or upcoming year, important enough, classic enough, to be worthwhile to bring into a design. Let’s face it. Color predictions are fun and interesting, but they are only a snap shot of what is current. They come in and they go right back out quickly in their popularity. A good designer will point that out to a customer, if the customers color picks are trendy. What is popular and eye catching one year can be tired and boring the next. That is why it is important to understand classy and traditional color schemes for the jobs. And why it is important to understand the trends going on – so that you, as a designer, doesn’t get “pulled” into the hype of the newest and greatest color schemes.


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